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If you are highly allergic to nuts, wheat, soy, and/or gluten, Lagusta's Luscious chocolates are not for you. Our chocolate contains soy lecithin, and we use nuts and wheat in several chocolates.

Our truffles and bonbons are not the sugary, sickeningly sweet candies that are sometimes marketed as "truffles" and "chocolate candies." These are grown up candies, good without being too sweet.

We use organic, fair-trade, fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. We strive to source our ingredients from smaller producers, farms, and artisans instead of large multi-national corporations. If you have questions about any of our ingredients, please contact us at You can also read more about our views on the mingling of chocolate and politics. (And speaking of politics, we donate our chocolates to organizations and causes we support.)

Our local maple syrup source.

Many of our chocolates contain coconut milk and coconut butter (also known as coconut oil).

We use luxurious, organic, full-fat coconut milk, made only from coconut and a tiny bit of a vegetarian emulsifier (guar gum). We are very happy with the richness of coconut milk, and the chocolates do not taste coconutty at all (except for the coconut ones).

The primary fat in our truffles is pure organic coconut butter. At this point, it becomes necessary to talk a bit about fat. Vegans (and others) need fat! If you are eating a healthy diet made up of real food and a wide variety of it, you are probably not going to have a problem with fat. Fat is what makes us feel full and tells us to stop eating, so if you are not eating enough of it, there is a real chance you might be overeating because you never have that lovely feeling of fullness. This is why you need our chocolates!

More and more evidence is coming out about the health benefits of traditional oils like coconut. It is naturally saturated, unhydrogenated, mostly good (HDL) fat – mostly medium chain fatty acids which the body metabolizes efficiently and converts into energy, rather than storing as fat. It does not elevate bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. We like it.

I wrote an essay about coconut that was recently published in the Best of Bloodroot cookbook series. You can read it here. 

Our packing materials are 100% recycled kraft paper and 100% biodegradable (and edible!) packing peanuts. We also use reclaimed packing materials and boxes whenever possible. Packing materials may be taken to any UPS store for reuse.

Our beautiful Bluestocking Bonbon boxes were designed by Megan and Sarah Snow, the identical twin sisters who run Treeo Design right down the road from our shop. They were printed with 100% post-consumer recycled materials and vegetable inks by Hemlock Printers.

Our graphic design work is done by the ever-amazing Kate and Kevin of Dresser Johnson, who walk to the shop every day for a peppermint patty (and to make sure we're not misusing their brilliant logo!). 

This fancy site was thoughtfully and painstakingly designed by Erin Casteel in exchange for chocolates—hooray for barters!

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