Tote Bag

Tote Bag

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Organic cotton! Ethically made! IT HAS A ZIPPER. And a drawing of a Furious Vulva. The tote of your dreams has arrived. Totes. 


Kate and Alexis brought this little babe into being, Kate spending hours trying to find an organic cotton tote with a zipper because I am a crazy person (sometimes it rains!), then emailing the company to make sure the workers in the factory are paid fairly (WE DON'T MESS, lmk if you want any spec sheets from the factory), Alexis doing the drawings and both of them designing it with me hovering over their shoulders being annoying. Ah, teamwork!


(Look at both of them wearing work clogs, being so responsible, taking such good care of their feets.) 


These are so good.


Tote of a lifetime. 


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