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The Wild Box

The Wild Box

8 truffles, 5.5 oz



We've been making our Wild Box of truffles since 2005. At the time, the flavors seemed so wild--sea salt in chocolate truffles! And chipotle! What on earth?!?!

But now we've all gotten so sophisticated, and, to be honest, the flavors seem a little tame. So, we've overhauled the box. I think you're going to like the new flavors--they all retain some of their original Wild Box roots while adding exciting new elements and local Hudson Valley produce. Best of all, like all our truffles, they are made with a rich, silky smooth ganache and dipped into pure bittersweet chocolate. 

Let's meet the flavors: 

  • Sea Salt Shiitake Truffle Truffle: How can you not make a truffle truffle—right? Truffle squared! A tiny touch of truffle (the mushroom!)-infused sea salt is mixed with umami-rich locally grown shiitake mushrooms and garnished with fleur de sel sea salt. It's intensely earthy, and you might want to eat it for dinner and dessert. 
  • Harissa: We make our spicy, tart, insanely delicious harissa sauce from scratch from a special blend of herbs and spices and medium-hot chilies. It goes smashingly well with our wonderful ganache, and is garnished with a sprinkle of harissa powder.
  • Caramelized Onion and Chipotle: Our signature deeply spicy chipotle truffle, blended with sweet, rich ground caramelized onions grown right down the street from our kitchen. Sweet and hot! You'll love this one or you'll hate it. Me? I love it. But then again my name's Lagusta and I made it up. 
  • Ginger Orange Flower Water: When my right-hand woman Maresa tasted this one, she just closed her eyes for a minute. "What? Do you not like it?" I said. "It''s my new favorite thing." Who knew? These two are a natural match. 

Each box contains two of each flavor. 

Truffles are best fresh. Refrigerate upon arrival, but let them come to room temperature before eating. Enjoy within one week. 

Ingredients: organic and fair-trade chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), organic coconut butter, organic coconut milk, sea salt, organic spices, truffle mushrooms, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic chilies, organic vinegar, olive oil, organic onions.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this item to Canada*

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