Summertime of the Soul Truffles

Summertime of the Soul Truffles

1 box, 8 truffles



Here's the truth: for some reason, people get really serious when they talk to me about these summery truffles we made two years ago. 

It made me think: hey, if people loved them so much, maybe let's make them again? I always worry we make too many weird truffles, and these flavors are fairly weird. But if you guys love them, what can I do? I'm at your mercy!

And this is the truth too: I get real serious when I think about how much I miss one of those summery truffles, also.

The corn truffle. There is something about corn and me and chocolate. Maybe in another life I was an ancient Aztec, grinding fresh corn and liquid chocolate into a thick, milky drink for my village. 

Also: every year we can't stop ourselves from making a tomato truffle. Last year it was tomato jam, the year before that tomato-basil, and before that it was tomato-balsamic. This year we've got a new tomato thingie for you and I'm for sure biased, but I think it's the best out of all of them. 

Enough chatter. Let's meet these flavors: 

  • Smoked miso-eggplant truffle with eggplant bacon garnish: eggplant bacon is my new jam lately. You take skinny eggplants, slice them super thin, marinate them in (local, vegan!) red wine and tamari with a bunch of olive oil, then smoke them (a cheap stovetop smoker works just fine). Inside this truffle is a silky olive oil ganache blended with smoked eggplant and housemade white miso. 
  • Corn-basil truffle with corn powder: Olive oil ganache rolled in freeze-dried organic corn pieces. 
  • Cilantro truffle with black volcanic sea salt garnish: Olive oil ganache infused with cilantro.
  • Cumin truffle with tomato powder garnish: Olive oil ganache spiked with freshly toasted, ground cumin seeds and garnished with heirloom tomato powder. 
Ingredients: Organic olive oil, organic coconut butter, organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), eggplant, tamari, red wine, corn, cilantro, sea salt, miso, cumin, tomato. 

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