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Matzo Toffee

Chocolate Toffee Matzo

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Putting this little confection on the website is, I'm a bit worried, like turning the Beatles loose in a stadium full of 17-year-old girls in 1964. Delicious pandemonium might ensue, but I'm going to take the chance. When we first made this concoction in 2009, people pretty much lost their minds. It's so good—toffee with just a whisper of sea salt, liberally laced with lashings of bittersweet chocolate (what can I say? It inspires purple prose.), all set against a backdrop of matzo that makes you feel that it might, in some way, be healthy. Well, it's made from organic and fair-trade ingredients, does that count? 

We offer a 3 oz. bag of matzo toffee (or, as we call it around here, "mazel tof") as well as a great deal on an entire POUND of the stuff (about four full matzo sheets). It keeps well for a few weeks as long as it's left in a sealed container at cool room temperature, but if experience is any guide, it's not going to keep at all. 

Ingredients: organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), matzo (flour, water), organic vegan sugar, organic coconut milk, fleur de sel sea salt.


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