Furious Vulvas

Furious Vulvas

12 vulvas, 5 oz.



A bittersweet chocolate vulva with pink peppercorns and Hawaiian pink sea salt. Named for Noel Furie.

Looks like a vagina to me! OK so the vulva is the external female genitals, the vagina is all internal. Anyway, the point is that there is an awful lot of penis-shaped chocolate out there, and we feel it's our duty to do something to correct that imbalance.

Furthermore, in ancient Mesoamerica where cacao came from, cacao pods were a symbol of female deities. 

The chocolate is good, too, fiilled with gentle pink peppercorns we harvest ourselves in Hawaii and Hawaiian alaea sea salt that is naturally reddish pink because of the intense amount of healthful minerals in the volcanic Hawaiian soil. Softly peppery and sweetly salty. Yes. 


The name Furious Vulvas comes from my friend Noel Furie, one of the collective members of Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a child she modeled for national ad campaigns, then married and had two children at a young age. Like so many women of her generation, in the seventies she became immersed in the feminist transformations taking place and began working at the then year-old Bloodroot restaurant. In the thirty years since she has been a backbone of the legendary restaurant and bookstore, as well as an inspiration to countless women because of her extreme tenacity, fierce politics, relentless work ethic, and wonderful sense of humor. I’m proud to count her as a friend and mentor.


Ingredients: organic and fair-trade chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), organic pink peppercorns, pink sea salt.


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