The Turtle Bar

The Turtle Bar

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It sounds fun to say "we can't make Turtles fast enough," but in practice it's actually sort of harrowing. Forming those little legs, those sensuous curves, by hand (when the caramel is at the perfect temperature) takes some serious time. And when customers come in the shop craving the combination of caramel, dark chocolate, pecans, and sea salt and we're out of stock of them, it's disappointing for everyone. They're our most popular chocolate, by far, which means we're frequently scrambling to turtle-ize. 

Also, I've been craving a candy bar that rhymes with "trickers" for precisely 21 years, since I became vegan. 

I knew something had to be done. 

And so: enter The Turtle Bar, made with the same butterscotchy caramel used in our Salted Galapagos Turtles, packed with pecans (it really satisfies, um) and topped with a pecan-rich layer of chocolate nougat (probably the most fun thing to make of all time: meringue [the same vegan technique Maresa uses in her famous French macarons, which she taught me late one night under the thickest cloak of secrecy] plus hot hot caramel), enrobed in 66% chocolate, garnished with a ton of fleur de sel. Softer than a certain addictive chocolate bar I won't mention but which has been haunting my dreams off and on for two decades, and also: better in every conceivable way.

And probably some we haven't yet conceived of.


Ingredients: Organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), organic vegan fair trade evaporated cane juice sugar, organic coconut milk, organic coconut butter, organic cornstarch, organic pecans, organic homemade vanilla, fleur de sel sea salt, potato starch, tapioca, calcium carbonate, cream of tartar, calcium lactate [vegan], organic non-GMO soy, cellulose gum.

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