Salted Milk Chocolate Almond Bar

Salted Milk Chocolate Almond Bar

1 bar, 50 grams



We are enamored with dark chocolate, obvs. It's our lifeline, working with it feels like a true and great romance, and it's definitely the love of all of our lives. But, that doesn't mean we haven't been thinking about milk chocolate, too. It doesn't mean we haven't wanted to give it a go.

Our milk chocolate is smooth and light. It breaks with a sharp snap and, at risk of outright copyright infringement, it does absolutely melt in your mouth. I wouldn't use a cliche of that caliber unless it was absolutely on the nose. This bar is so easy to eat that it scares me. It's perfection. (Also obvs, it's vegan.) 

Flakes of vanilla-infused sea salt and chopped roasted organic almonds are studded into this bar, and the combo is truly out of this world. This bar is a simple love. But a big, big one, nonetheless.


Ingredients: organic and fair trade dark chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), organic coconut milk, organic fair trade vegan evaporated cane juice sugar, housemade organic white chocolate (cocoa butter, vegan sugar, coconut milk powder, tapioca maltodextrin, potato fibers, vanilla bean, sea salt, lecithin, natural flavor), organic almonds, vanilla-infused sea salt. 

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