Pride Bark

Pride Bark

4.5 oz



Happy Pride Month, queerdos & pals (that’s everyone), here’s a ludicrously lovely Pride Bark for you. It's a big slab of 66% with organic dried blueberries, homegrown cornflowers, homegrown candied mint, candied fennel, our butter-to-bar homemade organic vegan a f white chocolate, and organic raspberries. 

Whenever we seek to profit off a political situation (and the treatment of GLBTQIA people in America today is a Political Situation hooo boy) we atone by doing a lil donation. This year, instead of 10% of the purchase price of this bark going to an organization, we’re putting money directly in the pocket of a person in our community, our pal Kaden, who’s saving up for top surgery since most insurance plans don’t cover gender affirmation surgeries. Kaden is also the partner of Adrienne, who made these barks, so they’re infused with extra magic and queer power. 

You can’t buy this if you voted for Trump, but you still have to donate. 

My choco my rules. 

Happy Priiiiiiide 

Ingredients: organic and fair trade chocolate (cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), housemade organic white chocolate (cocoa butter, vegan sugar, coconut milk powder, tapioca maltodextrin, potato fibers, vanilla bean, sea salt, lecithin, natural flavor), natural plant-derived coloring, organic raspberries, organic confectioner's sugar (contains organic cornstarch), mint, organic lavender, organic flowers, organic blueberries, organic fennel, homemade organic vanilla, sea salt. 

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